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Peter Webster's first production boat, and one of the first ever production GRP designs, the Elizabethan 29 was drawn by CR Holman in 1960. Based on the clinker-built Stella class, she is a stiff, fast cruiser racer, equally happy being driven hard or pottering with the family. Her long-keeled, narrow beamed but elegant hull is quite cramped but headroom under the doghouse is 5ft 1O inches. She has four berths, a separate heads compartment and basic cooking and navigating areas. The original fuel tank was tiny and fed a petrol engine but the whole system will probably have been replaced long ago. Many Liz 29s have been modified over the years so should be checked over carefully, particularly the mast step, hull deck joint and chain plates. She is generally strongly built, though, and represents good value for money. Holman also designed a 35ft version of the boat which sold in small numbers.

David White, a long term Elizabethan 29 owner, recently wrote a summary of the Elizabethan 29 which can be viewed by clicking :

Document in Acrobat Reader Format            E29Overview.pdf  ( 227KB or about 30 seconds for 56k Dialup )


Document in HTML format for reading in standard internet browser       DWclass29.htm ( 450KB )

David has also created a handbook for the E29 which might be useful to owners. E29 Handbook.pdf (526KB)

LOA 29ft (8.8m)

LWL 20ft (6.1 m)

Beam 7ft  6in (2.3m)

Draught 4ft2in (1.3m)

Displacement 7,280lb (3,305kg).


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