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The largest of the Peter Webster Elizabethan Class, designed by CR Holman in the early 1960's but few were sold. Based around the Elizabethan 29 she has similar characteristics.


Article that appeared in the Yachtsman in 1965 in PDF format (113K) Elizabethan35inYachtsman1965.pdf


This is a photo of E35 Arion taken in Connecticut, USA in 2008. She was built and originally owned by Peter Webster in 1965 and called Liz of Lymington,. Her second owner did a circumnavigation in her.


LOA 34ft 7"(10.64 m)

LWL 25ft (7.69m)

beam 9ft 1in (2.79m)

displacement 6.25 tons



Acknowledgements to Yachting Monthly



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