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2017 Membership Applications

We are currently enjoying a subscription holiday because the EOA funds exceed requirements.

We are aware that for Offshore members convertion to the UK currency and transfer charges exceed our membership fees and therefore they are asked not to send any payment. Offshore members should simply complete an application form when joining and subsequently email the EOA Commodore each year that they are still a member (with any revised details) and await the day they encounter a UK member to hand over backdated dues.

For UK members when your payment is received (cheque payable to "EOA")  you will be sent an "EOA member" window sticker free of charge for your car/yacht. If you would like more than one they cost 1.00 each.

The EOA application form is available in 3 formats:

click here to download a form in .pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format : EOAForm2017.pdf  20K

click here to download a form, to save and print locally, in .doc (MS Word) format : EOAForm2017.doc 27K

click here to view a version that is directly printable from your web browser.

Once completed please send the form to David using the address on the the form... please remember the cheque.

Please note that the EOA only has 2 officers, Commodore and Hon. Secretary, who make decisions on behalf of the EOA. Due to the membership being global, the decisions are based upon assumptions which are difficult to verify with the membership. If any member has difficulty with any decisions made by these officers or would wish to put themselves forward for either of the 2 roles please contact the EOA Hon. Secretary. He will then represent that view to the Commodore or arrange an election of new officers.

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