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Peter Webster's
association with the Elizabethan class began with the 29 drawn by CR Holman in 1960. Based upon the clinker built Stella class she was one of the first ever production GRP designs. This was followed by the Elizabethan 35, another CR Holman design. In 1968 he added to the range the David Thomas designed cruiser/racer 30 (9 metre) and was shortly followed by the 23 and 31. Peter himself collaborated with David Thomas on the 23 design but left the design of the 31 to David Thomas. The David Thomas designed 33 was added in the mid 70's shortly before Peter Webster Limited ceased trading. The moulds were sold on and a number of Elizabethan yachts were made up until the mid 1980's.


Peter Webster Limited traded at Ropewalk Boat Yard, Lymington, Hampshire, England SO4 9QD

Peter Webster outside his offices at Lymington in the early 1970's

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